Teaching Interests

Microeconomics, Economic Theory, Mechanism Design, Market Design, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

You can read more about my teaching background and philosophy here.

The University of Pennsylvania

As lecturer:

BDS 509: Applied Game Theory - 2022 Summer [material]

ECON 1\LPS 601: Introductory Microeconomics - 2019 Spring, 2020 Fall, 2020 Summer [syllabus]

As teaching assistant:

PPE 3001: Strategic Reasoning - 2022 Fall

ECON 262: Market Design - 2021 Spring

ECON 235: Industrial Organization - 2020 Fall

ECON 1: Introductory Microeconomics - 2018 Spring, 2018 Fall

ECON 10: Introductory Business Economics - 2017 Fall, 2021 Fall

The Australian National University

As tutor and teaching assistant:

ECON 8021: Topics in Theory (graduate) - 2015 S2

ECON 3101: Microeconomics III – 2016 S1

ECON 3100: Economics IV Honours – 2015 S2

ECON 2141: Strategic Thinking – 2015 S2, 2016 S1

ECON 2101: Microeconomics II – 2015 S1

ECON 1101: Microeconomics I – 2014 S2, 2015 S1

ECHI 1006: The Australian Economy – 2013 S2, 2014 S1


Nawaaz was incredibly energetic, enthusiastic, and willing to help us learn the material in our lecture with [the instructor]. He was always prepared and clearly explained the examples we had to go over. (ECON 10, 2021)

I really loved the class. It taught me something new about myself as a student and really pushed me out of my comfort zone to start asking for help during office hours. It taught me how to change and manage my study habits as well. Nawaaz was a fantastic teacher and tries to make sure that everyone understands the material presented and makes himself available if a student does not understand. (ECON 1\LPS 601, 2019)

Nawaaz was an extremely helpful TA. I had heard a lot of somewhat negative stories about TAs, especially in intro classes. I had the absolute opposite experience. Nawaaz communicated information clearly and always did his best to prepare us for quizzes and exams. He made recitation an important part of my Econ experience, rather than a mere formality at the end of each week. (ECON 1, 2018)

*Full student evaluations are available on request.